The Club

Dalslands ballongklubb started December 6th 2003, and has since then grown to become one of Sweden´s largest and most active hot air ballooning clubs.

The club has more then 300 members of different ages with a relatively even gender distribution. The club owns one hot air balloon, the balloon was bought in 2005 with the financial help from five local companies. The club has two local pilots and six that live in different parts of Sweden. Three club members are training to become pilots.

The clubs activities include many hours in the air, approximately ten people attend each flight. Feel free to look at pictures (bilder) taken at our flights. Another pleasant fact is the low average age, many young people participate in the club activities and everyone seems to enjoy the good social spirit in the club.

The main purpose of Dalslands ballongklubb´s activities is to give the experience of hot air ballooning and to spread the knowledge, in different ways, of hot air balloons and how they are flown.

Dalslands ballongklubb has organized three highly appreciated SM (Swedish championships). 2004 with the competition centre just outside Högsäter, 2007 in Brålanda and 2010 SM took place in Dalsland, thie last time it had grown to be a Nordic Championship.